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The Phantom Edit 1080p 60
The Phantom Edit 1080p 60

the phantom edit 1080p 60


The Phantom Edit 1080p 60 --





















































The Phantom Edit 1080p 60



You can crank the ISO for shooting in low light, but the image will be grainy. Na I must of been thinking about a different drone because the videos I remember seeing all I could hear is the motor whine lol! 2016-11-3 01:04:07 Use props Revs Offline Revs Student Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United Kingdom Offline 16# EpicLPer Posted at 2016-11-3 06:42 No, he meant the link you posted is broken. This was a deal breaker for me. I'm really regretting selling my P3P now. Beware of less expensive RAID controllers that are software based; these are slower and use your system CPU and RAM which hinders overall performance. ^ Daniel Kraus. Editing raw 4K footage takes more horsepower and storage than compressed formats. 2015-2-12 12:37:28 Use props Online Student Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United Kingdom Offline 31# jamess3430 Posted at 2015-2-1 03:14 I do not see a 1080/60 option in iOS the highest option I see is 1080/50 The reason for that is that you are using PAL, the European standard.


It's why professionals prefer to bypass the hardware codec of even high end cameras altogether and use field recorders (AJA/Atomos) to record directly from the sensor with a less 'lossy' codec. Generally, your media storage should be three to four times the size of the source footage of a project. To change playback speed, right click on your footage and select speed/duration. Rumor attributed The Phantom Edit to Kevin Smith, who admitted to having seen the re-edit but denied that he was the editor. Hit export and youre done. 2015-2-2 05:36:28 Use props contact.airdron Offline contact.airdron Beginner + Add Friend Person Message France Offline 23# Hello I have some problem of sharpness I 'm worried about that, the sharpness is not good ! Do you have the same problem ? 2015-2-7 06:44:52 Use props tpallai Offline tpallai Intern Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United States Offline 24# If I am using a computer that does not have a graphics card to support 4K, will I be able to still scale down to 1080p? And if so, what would be the purpose of doing this? 2015-2-9 06:43:57 Use props vonbaron1 Offline vonbaron1 Intern Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United States Offline 25# As someone whom has used Photoshop for years and years this is a good post for information as to what formats and setting to use for different settings.Thanks Scooterlam 2015-2-9 09:24:05 Use props dundee Offline dundee Intern Administrator + Add Friend Person Message Thailand Offline 26# scooterlam Posted at 2015-2-1 08:08 It doesn't matter if you don't have a 4K display. like this. Oh I see, durp link fixed 2016-11-3 01:13:02 Use props Advanced Bold Text Color Picture Add Link Emoticon You need to log in before you can reply Login Register now Credit Rules Jump to the last page . Combine that with a 7200rpm USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt hard drive that costs around $150 and you're ready to edit offline. While you can continue to use HD computer monitors for your editing interface, its important to use a 4K external video monitor to watch the footage as you edit, particularly if you're mastering in 4K. 2015-2-1 12:33:53 Use props wolftj.mindspri Offline wolftj.mindspri Student Pilot + Add Friend Person Message United States Offline 22# Good thread. To stabilize your footage, use Premieres warp stabilizer effect. 2015-4-9 10:13:08 Use props Offline ptortora Beginner + Add Friend Person Message United States Offline 39# Pulling a still from 4k video?Lots of good info here, thank you.Has anyone pulled a still from the 4k video? I need to get astill shot (from overhead) of a water boarder jumping through a wake of a boat.Since the Inspire only does 7fps for stills in burst mode, I'm thinking of shooting video at 4k instead and then pulling a still from a frame.IMO, 7 fps is marginal as I've done this with 35mm cameras (non aerial) and it works best at 10fps or higher - there's a good chance to miss the shot at 7fps. CPU: Processor Offline Editing: Intel Core i7 2.3GHz four-core Online Editing: Dual Intel Xeon 2GHz six-core Now that most editing software supports GPU rendering, CPU power is less important than it was in the past. I have slow internet so I always try to upload smaller files to save time.

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